Krista & Ryan

I captured Krista and Van for their engagement session at Creve Couer Lake. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. We captured a sunset session. What better day in April mid 80's and beautiful sun in APRIL!!!

Krista and Van were seriously inseparable. I would get all excited for our next pose and they were already giggling and, laughing and kissing. Needless to say they could not keep there hands off each other, these two are perfect for each other. If you look at their facial expressions they are 100% themselves. I had so much fun with these two I seriously can not wait to capture this September wedding!

The love story of Krista & Van
They met 5 years ago working together at Olive Garden. Van was not a fan of Krista at first due to her being shy, but Krista thought he was cute from the beginning and such a great guy! Later Van and Krista became friends and started hanging out. On a hot summer night they shared their first kiss and ever since that night they have been inseparable.

What are your hobbies, what do you enjoy doing?
Krista states they love to be at home. You can find them binging on Netflix and snacking out to their favorite junk foods. They enjoy hanging out with their little man Layton (their son), and their two pups. "Seriously we are an old married couple, always have been, always will be." 

What are your future plans/goals?
As far as Krista says her and Van are already living their dreams, together as a family. They have found one another and have the most perfect little man. Van wants his little girl still. Van hopes to have a girl one day that he can spoil and of course be a daddy's girl.  

These two are a perfect match and can't wait to tie the knot in September!