A best friend session

Meet Caitlyn and Abby just two 2018 high school seniors about to graduate! Caitlyn is my little sister who is seven years younger than me. My sister and I were not super close growing up, we actually became close while she was in high school. Caitlyn followed the same footsteps as me and became a high school cheerleader as early as freshmen year. Caitlyn and Abby became friends in eighth grade. Not until freshmen year is where they became best friends. Cheerleading, same classes and friend groups is how they became so close. I met Abby when she was a freshmen! I remember how sweet she was and I was so shocked with how red her hair was, she reminded me of Ariel from The little mermaid. Oh the memories with these two! From lake trips to them singing in my car. One of my earliest memories of these two was freshmen year the first homecoming parade for these two, I remember getting Starbucks for the two as they walked and cheered in the parade. Years go by and they still remain best friends. If anyone knows high school is not easy, from school work to sports to heartbreaks it is apart of being a teenager. These two have always been so close that I feel like Abby is a sister to me. From dinners to hikes with these two there is no hiding that they are best friends. They are always goofing off such as cracking jokes or pranks to one another, or gossiping about the boys they like and always being a shoulder to cry on. I have witnessed their friendship this entire time. By senior year I knew I had to make something so unique but also so fun! Why not create a best friend session for them? I thought of all the places they go to and than it made sense! Why not grab there favorite fast food Chickfila go to there favorite park (the one everyone goes to in the area growing up) and capture these two goofballs in there element! They were super excited for the session that they even matched, from the black sweaters to wearing almost the exact same Vans. These two have even decided to attend the same college together at the local community college! These two defiantly are true models of friendship lasting, I am so proud of these two and so excited to see them grow! Congrats to Caitlyn and Abby class of 2018!