Air Force engagement

Meet Alex and Elizabeth a couple madly in love with one another. A few weeks ago I received an email for an inquiry for an engagement shoot. The inquiry was from Elizabeth, she told me she was wanting engagement pictures taken sometime in March and that she wanted the location to be at her finance's base (Scott Airforce base). When I read that email I was ecstatic because I love capturing military couples! After a few emails we put together a date and time for pictures to be taken at the base. Sunday I met them across the street at a local Subway. When they pulled in they had their four legged pup and their best friend to help with the pup during their pictures. This was also my first time going on a base EVER. I was super excited for this engagement session. I hopped in the car with them and we checked in through security to get on the airforce base. Once we got on base I could not help myself but to look around, the base was super cool! Once we got to our location I got to chat with them a bit about what they do etc. Come to find out Elizabeth and Alex are both pilots! HOW COOL! I was super amazed by that and I knew I had to incorporate as many images as I could with the jets. We walked around base taking pictures in the hanger with their four legged friend and pictures of the two as a couple. During there engagement there was no doubt that these two were really meant to be besides the fact that they are both pilots. These two could not stop smiling and giggling, that is true love my friends! The session lasted about two hours and with two outfits. Alex wore his flight suit for half of the images while Elizabeth had a super cute navy blue dress. Alex and Elizabeth are not from Missouri they are both from Texas. This October the two will say " I do" in Dallas, Texas. Congrats to Alex & Elizabeth!