Katelyn + Andy 3-31-18

Do you ever wonder what you would do if it rained on your wedding day? Well guess what?! It means good luck! Do not ever be worried if it rains on your wedding day it all works out in the end! From shooting somewhere indoor or even inside at your ceremony, location is not the biggest deal when it comes to sharing the love between a new married couple! Trust me, photographers can work around any location we are approached with! 

Meet Katelyn and Andy ! And Guess what? It rained on their wedding day and because it rained we were able to capture fun images after their ceremony. The couple tied the knot on 3-31-18. The ceremony was held at Town Hall in New Town Saint Charles, Missouri. Katelyn and Andy wanted a small intimate wedding where only their immediate family and close friends would attend. Stood by their sides were Katelyn's older sister and Andy's other brother. After the ceremony and family pictures, Katelyn wanted to focus on capturing just her and Andy. If you know me the in between picture time is a favorite of mine during a wedding day because I love to capture the real moments and love that my wedding couples share! There was about an hour for picture time before the reception. We had tons of time to capture the two! About 5 minutes after their ceremony the rain stopped! SCORE! Instead of heading indoor somewhere in Saint Charles we decided to stay in Newtown where their ceremony was located. From twirling to dipping the two were so happy to finally become one. Katelyn was so excited about the rain she decided to go barefoot for half of the pictures. During pictures Katelyn kept twirling and dancing in her dress which had so much movement. We were sharing jokes literally laughing so much and also talking about future plans for the two! Katelyn even mentioned to me during her consult that she wanted the main pictures to be focused on the two. Needless to say I think we did that! Take a look at the images below of Katelyn and Andy's not so rainy wedding day! Congrats to Katelyn and Andy!!