High school engagement

Meet Marissa and Garrett. These two are newly engaged and I could not be more excited! Let's back up a bit to high school. Marissa and Garrett attended Fort Zumwalt South high school where they first met where they we're just friends. They started high school in 2007 and graduated in 2010. I met Garrett and Marissa in high school as well since I went to Fort Zumwalt South high. I    actually cheered with Marissa in high school. We were friends but never close since she was a year ahead but we were always super nice to each other! Garrett I met from a group of friends my sophomore year of school. We remained friends since than due to the same group of friends. Time goes quick I tell you! Marissa went off to college and studied broadcasting at Mizzou. Shortly after graduating she moved to Nashville with her boyfriend at the time and landed a job with a local news station. Time went on and Marissa welcomed her beautiful daughter Savannah into this world. Let me just tell you she is the cutest and sure know's how to pose! With life things happen, Marissa and her boyfriend at the time split up and Marissa and her daughter moved back home to Missouri to be with family. On the other hand Garrett went to Extreme Institute downtown with his best friend Dru to study music. Which Dru and Garrett were actually some of my very first clients! After graduating Garrett started focusing on entrepreneurship alongside with following his passion for music. After awhile Marissa and Garrett rekindled which the two officially started dating in January of 2017. After almost a year of dating in December of 2017 Garrett proposed to Marissa. Garrett proposed Marissa in the kitchen of their home. Marissa stated " the proposal was very private and intimate which was super sweet!" It is so cool to see two friends in high school become a couple I love hearing these love stories!

Marissa and Garrett reached out to me a few months after the proposal to discuss photography. I was super excited because I knew them and have known them which feels like forever! We met at a local coffee shop and shared memories over martinis and flatbread pizzas discussing the wedding . We chatted for about an hour and half about everything from high school to the engagement. I was super excited I could not stop smiling. When booking they discussed engagement photos. Marissa stated she wanted something super unique. Which I love using my creative skills to bring personalities into pictures. So I am all about being super creative! We all sat at the table and pondered on the location for about fifteen minutes. Than it dawned on me HIGH SCHOOL! We had to at least do half the session at the high school we all went to and where they met! Of course they both loved the idea. We picked a date and discussed outfit choices. I called the school and made sure it would be cool to go inside for pictures, etc. Marissa and Garrett wore red and black which is the colors of the high school so it was PERFECT! I had so much fun from capturing images of Marissa and Garrett and pictures with Savannah in the pictures as well. My heart legit melted these two are so perfect for each other! Once a bulldog always a bulldog! These pictures below you can just feel the love and I am over here swooning over them! May 17th 2019 these two will tie the knot at Stone House of Saint Charles ! Congrats Marissa and Garrett!!