High school sweet heart beach wedding

May 19th 2018 was my first ever beach destination wedding. I literally have been counting down the days until I hopped on my first plane ride by myself to head on over to South Carolina for a dreamy beach wedding! Kaylee the bride and Justin the groom have been together since high school. In fact there were pictures at the beach house from the beginning stages of them dating. This wedding meant so much to me!

Thursday prior to the wedding I flew in from Saint Louis to Atlanta ( which is a massive airport) than to my final destination Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Kaylee and Justin were so kind and picked me up from the airport. The fact that I was standing in the airport for my first ever destination wedding felt like a dream. I have known Kaylee since middle school so the fact that she chose me to capture her dream wedding was very rewarding. Leaving the airport we arrived at this beautiful two story beach home that lead out onto the beautiful beach. We started the day chilling, eating sandwiches and meeting all the family members of Kaylee and Justin. That night was Kaylee and Justins bachelor and bachelorette parties. One of the reasons I came in on Thursday was for the bachelorette party. Kaylee was so kind and invited me and I could not turn down celebrating the bride to be!

Friday more family arrived and this was a chill day with swimming in the beach and meeting all the family of Kaylee and Justin's. Later in the day Kaylee and Justin wanted to jump in the ocean with a wedding dress this was a dream of Kaylee's to do. Kaylee borrowed a dress from her friend to jump into the ocean with since she wanted to keep he wedding dress cleaned for her big day. The pictures we got were incredible, I myself have never captured something so raw and beautiful and plus who doesn't love the ocean? Later that night we all helped to get things ready for the big day! 

The big wedding day arrived on Saturday! We were all so excited ! That morning we all ate breakfast and chatted about the upcoming timeline. The day started off raining and we came up with a game plan to make this beach wedding happen, to keep this wedding on the beach in rain or shine. Kaylee got ready upstairs while Justin stayed downstairs with the groomsmen. I hung the dresses in the beautiful master bedroom which overlooked the ocean. The entire house had so many windows which flowed with natural light and views forever of the blue ocean. Once Kaylee and Justin were finished getting ready we did first looks. We started the first look with Kaylee and her father than Justin and his mother. First look's with parents are always so beautiful. The rain did not stop us for going onto the beach and capturing a beach ceremony. I had both my cameras with me and someone was kind enough to follow me while I captured the wedding. The middle where Justin and Kaylee stood there was a giant cedar cross that Kaylee's grandpa made for her wedding day. Following the wedding the rain started to stop and we captured the wedding party and Justin and Kaylee on the beach. The weather was perfect. The ocean breeze, overcast I mean we could not have asked for a better day. After the pictures lead into the reception and barbecue food! The reception was set up under the beach house driveway area. Kaylee's dad who is a DJ set up all his equipment under the stairs and the tables were all set up for everyone to chat and eat some pulled pork and barbecue food. Kaylee and Justin enjoyed their first dance at sunset. After their first dance they danced the rest of the night with family and friends. This beach wedding was a dream and I can not wait for my next beach wedding! Congrats to Kaylee and Justin!