A 1962 love story

   Meet Fran and Elmer a true definition of " true love can last". This year will mark 55 years of marriage for the two! You ask why them? Well meet my grandparents who were born in the late 40's and nearly have been through everything. I have been putting together a super unique photo shoot, but also something I can cherish and hang up on my walls at home for keepsake memories. A few months ago it clicked on me! That I needed to create something so special for my grandparents better known as "mama and papa". I thought to myself, what do they like? Where do they love to travel to? What is there favorite thing to do together? Than it dawned on me let's recreate a date where they first met! I called up my grandparents that night and told them my thoughts and ideas for the shoot. Mama gave me the exact details about how they met- keep in mind this was 50+ years ago, that is true love! Heck she even remembered the exact month! I than told Mama to write down there first date for me and any details she would love to include with their pictures. On Wednesday afternoon I drove over to there house so anxious and so excited for this session! So take a look at what true love can be and how Fran and Elmer first met. The last picture is a picture from one of their first dates at The Fox theatre, in Saint Louis.

     I first met my husband Elmer on a chilly rainy day in March of 1962. We met at the Rock Road Steak 'n Shake which is no longer there. Steak 'n Shake was a place where teenagers would meet, hang out and have fun. My friend and I were waiting to meet with some friends, when Elmer  who was in the next car was trying to get our attention. I rolled down the window and stared at him. Elmer said " Your windshield wipers are squeaking miss." I proceeded with " no kidding" and further rolled up my windows. Once our friends got to Steak 'n Shake Elmer knew one of our friends and got in the car. It just so happened Elmer knew our guy friend from high school. He first called my friend and asked her for a date, she said " no thank you." Elmer than called me and asked for a date. I was annoyed and was unsure about this Elmer guy, but I gave him a chance and said " Okay why not." This marked our first date which was downtown at a theatre to go see a movie. The entire movie Elmer was looking towards the ceiling sound asleep. Once the lights came on at the end of the movie he woke up confused about where he was. Back in the 60's there was drag strip known as the Alton drags this was a popular place for teenagers and young adults to hang out. We would go there a lot for dates and of course always Steak 'n Shake. After a few dates this was the beginning of our dating. Surprisingly to our friends and our parents we were engaged within three months. A year later on a beautiful windy summer day in June we were married. June 22, 1963 will mark 55 years of marriage, hard to believe that it is 55 years! We are lucky to have 2 wonderful children and 4 terrific grandchildren! Our advice on making marriage/ love last this long is " stick together through thick, respect, be kind and tomorrow will be another day."  

Flowers- Rouge events and design

Restaurant- Steak 'n Shake

Sophie + Luke 1-20-18

Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs! Sophie and Luke tied the knot on January 20th, 2018. The Saturday they got married on was beyond perfect for Missouri weather. Most January days in the midwest are pretty cold or even has snow on the ground. Not on there wedding the weather hit a high of 56 degrees. The weather was so perfect that no one was wearing a winter jacket. 

The day started with sophia getting ready at her best friends house alongside with her bridesmaids. The bridesmaids dresses were beautiful, each one was a different style of deep red. From lace to silk they were so unique! Tons of laughter and memories were discussed as Sophie got ready. As soon as Sophie slipped into her beautiful white dress the bridesmaids were all in awe. Sophia got a little teary eyes looking at herself in the mirror. The bridesmaids circled and exchanged a few kind words before they got ready to leave for the ceremony.

I met the girls at the ceremony location which was Quail Ridge in Wentzville, Mo. The ceremony was set up for the reception as well which was perfect to combine the ceremony and reception all together in one beautiful open well lit lodge. The theme was pinecones, burgundy and greenery. In the lodge the bride and groom set up an adorable hot cocoa station with chocolate mint to caramel sauce what a perfect touch for a January wedding. From the exchange of the vows Sophie and Luke shared a beautiful sand ceremony of burgundy and gold sand. From the sand ceremony they were announced as husband and wife with a big kiss and tons of smiles. 

During the in between pictures the wedding party shared a few drinks and a ton of laughter as they celebrated Sophie and Luke. Everyone was so nice and so kind as they offered to help with anything they could help with for the reception change. From the groomsmen fixing sophia's dress for a funny image to the bridesmaids making Sophie laugh the wedding party was perfect! After about an hour of capturing the family and wedding party we focused on the bride and groom. The brides mom created a ton of the decorations and even made the wedding cake. Sophie was so in love with the buttercream cake her mom made. Sophie and Luke were so happy to be married and celebrating this day alongside friends and family. Take a look at the images below for a beautiful wedding in winter ! Congrats to Sophie and Luke!


Winter wedding Mike + Brandy

Congrats to the new MR. and MRS ! This wedding was seriously amazing for the kick off of 2018 wedding's! Brandy and Mike are best friends at heart and have such big hearts. The two are so in love and make everyone smile. They started their love story in high school and soon enough became a couple. After years of dating Mike popped the question and Brandy of course said "YES". The two were engaged for a little over a year and had a blast planning their wedding!

The ceremony was held at New Town chapel in New Town Saint Charles, Mo. If you have not been to this chapel it is simply breathtaking! From beautiful clean white walls to a long aisle its the perfect chapel in the area. Before they said the "I do's" they read each other's love notes to each other behind a door. There was not a dry eye in sight. The two are simply perfect. After the ceremony we stayed in New Town to capture some images with the wedding party and the bride and groom. Brandy was obsessed with the buttons on her dress, the buttons started from the bottom back of dress to the end of the train the dress was simply stunning. The day was a little cold but this did not stop us from taking pictures outside we made it fun from walking and jumping on and off the heated party bus. After pictures at New Town everyone hoped on The Road Pony party bus to head over to Ameristar Casino in Saint Charles, MO to take a few indoor. From everyone walking inside and all the people walking past Brandy and Mike congratulating the two this simply felt like a fairytale for the two. The one picture we made sure to capture was the iconic sign at the beginning of the casino. We made sure no traffic was coming and we all stood under the sign to capture the cutest picture of the bride and groom kissing under the sign needless to say they loved the image!

Following the pictures was of course party time the reception! The reception was held at All Occasions banquet in Saint Charles, MO. The beautiful venue was well lit with lighting and a beautiful area for friends and family to be together. The wedding party entered by dancing and spinning and tons of laughter. Following the entrance was the first dance which was Ed Sheeran. The two laughed, spun around and danced close as they danced for the first time as husband and wife. After the dance was the speeches and these speeches were ones to go down in the books! The maid of honor's speech was first and seriously she blew it out of the water on this. The maid of honor started by talking about Brandy and her  friendship than turned to the dj to turn on the music. She put on sunglasses and started rapping about Brandy and Mike's love story. The speech had everyone laughing and cheering. Following the speeches there was tons of dancing. A group dance of Brandy and her sorority. It felt like everyone was on the dance floor for this wedding tons of dancing and cheering. The day was perfect!  Congratulations to Brandy and Mike!