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The Color Room

Have you ever walked into a hair salon & spa and just fell in love? From the decor to the services to the free wine! Hey free wine you sold me! Well I did just that I fell in love with the cutest salon located in Wentzville, Missouri The Color Room. I  first started going to this salon and spa a little over a year ago for facials. I  would get pretty bad break outs on my chin and get blackheads that always return. I finally started going to see my dear friend Haley who is an esthetician at The Color Room. I am not kidding when I tell you facials helped clear up my skin and break outs. Not only did my skin clear up but the facials are also relaxing almost like a massage is! As a photographer you are constantly apply pressure to your shoulders and leaning over. I have began to pull muscles and get achy backs like any career, somewhere your muscles ache. With muscle aches the hubs and I were talking for months about getting a couples massage. Well guess what The Color Room offers massages on their spa side. Which was a score to me! When Valentines day rolled around this year there was a special and I made sure to purchase it for our Valentines day gift! After we got our first massage we made sure to follow up and go back. We both can not say enough positive things about how really relaxing a deep tissue massage can be. Soon after the first massages the owner Toni met me one day when I was going into my massage appointment. Toni came up to me and shook my hand and introduced herself and mentioned she wanted me to meet for headshots for her team. I  was super excited to meet with Toni and the team to take pictures of The Color Room team! I met with Toni and the office manager Kristi I knew I did not want something basic for this super fun team. I wanted to show personalities, I wanted to show the creativeness that each girl had. I met each girl from the team and chatted with them a bit than we started each headshot image.

Let's back up a little bit. There is something I want to personally point out. When I arrived to the headshot meeting picture day, I walked into a salon team meeting. I  sat there a few minutes due to me arriving early. Due to being a few minutes early I was able to follow up on some emails and  created my Instagram post for the day. As I was sitting there, I heard Toni talk and each girl talk about upcoming events, etc. As I was hearing them talk I really heard and saw so much love and positivity in the room. I  heard an owner of a very professional and fun salon not only talk about ideas for the salon but talk to each girl like it was her own family member. Toni shared so much passion that day in that room about her girls (team) and her salon. She told them how much she cares and shared that The Color Room is not a job but a place you can make a career out of. The words and passion that day really touched me because I really value other business professionals who share passion for their career field and team. After the images were taken and the sneak peek team pictures were posted on social media I reached out to Toni to share the story behind The Color Room. To share her passion behind her awesome salon and her team The Color Room. Toni's story is below.

"My name is Toni Peanick and I proudly own The Color Room Salon and Day spa in Wentzville. My Journey began over 5 years ago as I found myself searching for the perfect place to call my new work home. After being in the spa industry for 7 years, I had a great amount of knowledge in customer service, management and hair expertise. After looking high and low, I decided to create my own path. Wentzville seemed like the best place possible, with it's rapidly growing real estate market, and businesses popping up everywhere, to me it was a no brainer. I found a small space, of only 1800 square feet and landed on the name "The Color Room, Hair Salon". Color is in everyones life, we all need more of it, and it is what every stylist loves to do. How boring would life be without color? I started with 3 employees, and a build out that took only 30 days. (Thanks to my husband, who is a contractor.) When I was deciding on atmosphere requirements, I knew I wanted an eclectic, clean and inviting environment for the guest. I wanted an inspirational, educational and open atmoshphere for my employees to thrive. March 28, 2013, The Color Room was born. 2 years into business, and many new employees later, we decided to expand into a Medical Spa, by adding another 1800 square feet and hiring a doctor to oversee operations, in order to provide better skincare and spa services. Our services now include, Haircuts, Color, Keratin Treatments, Balayage, Waxing, Laser Hair Removal, Spray Tanning, Hydrafacials, Dermaplaining, Medical Peels and Massages. We offer the best haircare, skincare and make-up the industry has to offer, and we take pride in providing premium services. Our staff now consists of 19 enthusiastic, hard working and educated employees, who continually amaze me everyday. I am one proud Spa owner. Our mission at The Color Room is to provide you with a clean, kind and caring environment. We do so through dedication, passion and education, not only in the world of beauty, but the world around us. Brighter days start here, we promise."

The fact that Toni cares so much for her team and her salon makes me love The Color Room even more. If you are looking for a great salon and spa, trust me when I say look no further. I want to share with you if you have passion and drive you can make your dreams come true. I think Toni did just that, meet Toni and the team from The Color Room